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What Should you be Snacking on?

If you want the most mileage from your days, put premium fuel in your tank. Preparation doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, but a little extra thought goes a long way. Today we’ll discuss:

  1. What makes a healthful snack?
  2. Some simple ideas for grab and go snacks

Good and Bad are Lazy Terms

Foods aren’t necessarily good or bad. Making complex issues so black and white is lazy. An extravagant weekend meal after working in the yard or exercising won’t make or break your diet. Eating fast food each day will. If your diet is focused on eating good sources of protein, healthy fats, and plenty of vegetables, you’re on the right track! Fill in your diet with snacks throughout the day so you don’t overeat in the evening.

Here’s what makes a smart snack:

  • Something you’ll actually eat
  • Easy to eat on the go
  • Combination of protein/fat/carbs
  • Contains naturally occurring vitamins and minerals (not fortified)

Three Snack Ideas

Nuts, seeds, and something delicious

Before you roll your eyes, hear me out! Nuts and seeds have healthy fats and are a good source of protein. They’ll keep you full and offer important vitamins and minerals. They can taste bland though, so here’s the trick – add something to make them a bit more palatable. Try adding chocolate or something like goldfish. I prefer caramel-filled M&M’s and the cheddar cheese goldfish. You may take a hit on the overall health of the snack, but it’s one that you’ll want to eat, has a good nutrient ratio, and allows you to mix up what you add in each week. Give it a try!

No-Bake Peanut Butter Protein Balls

Five ingredients, five-minute prep, and the easiest grab and go snack. Here’s the recipe:

  1. 1 ½ cups old fashioned oats
  2. 1 cup of peanut butter
  3. ¼ cup of honey
  4. 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder
  5. 4 tablespoons chocolate chips

Form the dough into balls and refrigerate. You can play with the recipe to add coconut flakes, cashew or almond butter, and raisins. 

Peanut Butter Rice Cake
I’m not talking about your parents rice cakes. You can pick these up in apple cinnamon, caramel, and chocolate. Slather them with peanut or almond butter and add sliced banana or blueberries to make them less dry. Toss them in a ziplock bag and they’re the perfect lunch addition. Pro-tip: eat them out of the bag, so you don’t get the nut-butter over everything.


There you have it. Three snacks to add to your lunch menu. What we put into our bodies is just as important as how we use our bodies. Fill your families bellies with good fuel and perform better at work, school, or on the field. Eating well now sets the foundation for the rest of your life – invest a little creativity in your snacks and you can still have tasty food that doesn’t break the bank and powers you up for the day. 

Check out this quick video for a brief nutritional review:


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