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Add This Upper-Body Exercise to Your Routine

How many upper-body exercises are part of your routine?

If you answered “several,” you’re not alone.

Instead of adding more isolating exercises to your upper-body routine, try this one. It’ll help you build strength and target several upper-body muscles at once.

Simple Upper-Body Exercise

In this video, Physical Therapist Katie Wolfley PT DPT shows you how to work your arms and upper body with one, simple exercise.

Instead of doing isolating exercises like tricep kickbacks, seated lat raises, or a seated press, try an upper-body exercise with comprehensive movement — like the D1 flexion-extension.

The D1 flexion-extension strengthens the shoulder, arms, and upper body with functional movement, like that of buckling a seatbelt.

Using an exercise band, place one end on the floor and keep one end in your hand. Step on the end of the band that’s on the floor, securing it in place. Bring the band in your hand out to your side.

Holding on firmly, bring the band up and across your body using a steady, controlled movement. Return to the band to your side in a similar fashion.

Complete 10 repetitions and two to three sets per side.

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