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3 Strategies to Run Pain Free

If you struggle to run pain free, keep reading.

It’s no secret that running is a high-impact sport. Surprisingly, it’s not impact that typically leads to pain or injury.

Poor technique, imbalances, and weaknesses are things all runners need to be aware of.

Here are three strategies for improving each that will lead to pain-free running.

Run Pain Free

In the video below, Physical Therapist and avid runner Kearsten Fish, PT DPT, discusses the top three strategies to not only improve performance but to run without pain or injury.

1. Train Consistently

Whether you’re training for an event or following a maintenance plan, don’t drastically change your routine.

Running multiple miles one week then very few or none the next is hard on your body. Maintain consistency in your training schedule so your body not only adjusts to impact but progresses with increased levels.

It’s also important to incorporate cross training into your routine, as this allows the recovery your body needs to progress with impact.

2. Focus on Flexibility

Many runners struggle with flexibility, especially in key areas like the hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves.

Work on incorporating stretching and flexibility training into your everyday routine.

Not only will this help keep you safe and running pain-free, but it’ll also help improve your run form.

3. Incorporate Strength Training

Your training routine should include strength training at least two days per week or on your cross-training days.

Make sure these strength routines target the most important muscles groups for runners — the glutes and core.

Building strength in these areas not only improves performance but is essential to injury- and pain-free running.

Are you a runner struggling with pain or injury?

Unlike other medical providers, Buffalo Rehab Group understands your need to run. Get back to running pain- and injury-free with help from a Physical Therapist who loves running, too! 

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