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3 Exercises to Stay Active During the Holidays

Afraid you won’t be able to stay active this holiday season?

It is that time of year…

Despite the holiday hustle and bustle, you can stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle into the New Year!

Stay Active With 3 Simple Exercises

In the video below, Physical Therapist Steve Gonser PT DPT shows you three simple exercises that will fit even the busiest schedule.


Incorporating squats into your daily routine helps build strength not only in your knees and legs, but in your low back, and hips as well.

To start, stagger your feet and drive your butt back. Make sure not to shoot your knees forward.

If you need a more stability, stand in front of a counter while squatting.

Start with either 20 reps or three sets of ten, depending on your comfort level.

If you’d like more of a challenge, try pressing weights overhead while you squat. You can also try squatting and then coming up into a balance.



Stepping is a great way to gain control of and to strengthen our hips, knees, and legs.

For this sidestep exercise, you’ll turn parallel to your step.

Put your foot onto the step, shift your weight into the step, and come up.

From here, you have options. Before setting your foot back down, you can put your foot down on the step, hang onto a railing, or come up to a balance with your hands on your hips. Whatever you are comfortable with.

Make sure not to launch or push yourself onto the step with your opposite leg. You want to shift into the step and come up.

Start with either 20 reps or three sets of ten, per side.


Glide Stretch

Put one foot on the step, keep one foot back, and put your hands on your hips. If needed, you can hold a railing or the wall.

Make sure your feet and legs are facing forward and that your shoulders are stacked over your hips.

Glide forward for ten reps.

Once completed, glide forward and add a slight turn for ten reps. If you’d like, you can come back and give a little hamstring stretch as well. While gliding, make sure you’re not tipping forward or overarching your back.

None of your movements should be aggressive. Your goal is a nice, gentle stretch.

Any form of stretching is important for improving flexibility. The glide stretch will do so in your legs and will help take the pressure off your low back, knees, and ankles.


Don’t wait until the new year to be active. Work these three simple exercises into your routine today.

Keep your healthy habits consistent this holiday season!

Need help creating a custom exercise plan?

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